Human Resources

We can help you identify and overcome your biggest HR challenges so that your business can continue to forge ahead!



Increasing regulations and employer liability can mean heavy pressure for business owners. Johnson Employer Support Services PEO and ASO services can help relieve the pressure by providing proactive, dedicated HR Services.  Most small businesses do not have the manpower to do so and can find themselves involved in an expensive lawsuit that, with access to an HR department, could have been avoided. The PEO acts as your offsite HR department, offering consultation in the areas of sexual harassment, discrimination, FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), hiring and firing practices and a number of other areas. Other services included in the human resources area2:

    • Unlimited Telephone HR Consultation
    • Background Checks
    • Pre-Employment Testing
    • Recruiting
      • Advertising
      • Resume Screening
    • Customized Employee Handbooks
    • Performance Appraisals
    • Rewards and Recognition Programs
    • Position Descriptions
    • Drug-Free Workplace
    • Training (Employee and Managerial)