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    Human Resource Assessment Survey Software
  • This fast, easy, yet powerful survey software takes a comprehensive look at current HR Activities and Products in your business and offers custom functional and strategic reports and analysis' to better connect HR to profitability.
  • Download here (You will be downloading an executable application file. Saving it to a new folder on your desktop is recommended, prior to running it.)
  • (Technical Note: For ease of use this software is designed to "run" without an actual "installation process" on PCs with Windows operating systems.  Occasionally, some PCs will not have previously had installed a single Microsoft file necessary for the software operation. If you receive an error message reflecting a missing "msvbvm50.dll" file when you attempt to run the HR Assessment Survey Software, the missing file can be quickly downloaded and installed by clicking here.)
  • Complete the survey as well as you can.
  • Under the file menu there is a "Exit / Save Changes" option. You can use this option if you need to exit the program during the analysis or when you have completed it.
  • Once complete there will be a file in the same directory as HRASS program file named HRASdata.txt. Email this file to and we will return a report card of your current HR and payroll condition.
  • The current password is 'uan6' . If for any reason that password doesn't work please call the number below.

If you have any question or problems with the software call 800-689-9172 and we will be happy to help.