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Resources for Employees

Questions About Your Employment

Who is your employer?

Your worksite employer is your employer for certain purposes and will be responsible for such things as directing the manner in which you perform your daily job activities. The owners and managers of your worksite employer's business are experts at what they do, just like Johnson Employer Support Services is an expert at performing various employer functions in a professional and cost-effective manner .Johnson Employer Support Services is also your employer for certain purposes and will be responsible for such things as payment of wages and taxes, providing certain employee benefits, and ensuring compliance with various employment laws. Johnson Employer Support Services will issue your pay check each pay period, and provide your W-2 form by January 31 of each year. If you were hired earlier in the same calendar year in which your worksite employer first contracted with Johnson Employer Support Services, then you will receive two W-2 forms for that year .If you have questions concerning your paycheck, your withholdings, personnel records, benefits or other aspects of your employment, please call Johnson Employer Support Services at any time at 1-800-689-9172

Who is your immediate supervisor?

Your immediate supervisor is the person at your work site who is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of your work and job training. Contact your immediate supervisor if you have questions about work schedules, job duties, proper reporting of hours worked, where to park your vehicle at work, dress code, requests for time off, or who to call if you will be late or absent from work.

What is a Professional Employer Organization ?

Johnson Employer Support Services is a Professional Employer Organization or "PEO" for short. We have contractually formed a co-employer service relationship with the company where you work which we refer to as your worksite employer.

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is in the business of helping its clients (worksite employers) be more successful by specializing in certain important employer functions. These functions include workplace safety, personnel policies, payroll and employment taxes, human resources management, employee benefits, employee dispute and complaint resolution, government paperwork and regulation compliance, to name a few. By contracting with Johnson Employer Support Services to assume certain employer responsibilities, your worksite employer is able to focus on important business growth and profit opportunities. Your job security and career potential are dependent on the continued success of your worksite employer's business. Johnson Employer Support Services, as a PEO, is proud to be a member of the team working with you to help make your worksite employer, and you, more successful.

Forms Download Area (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required) If the form requested does not appear in a window try right clicking the link and selecting "save target as...".

All forms can be faxed to 870-862-3706.

  • Federal W4 (Federal IRS Withholding Form)
  • Arkansas Employee Withholding Exemption Certificate AR4EC (Ark. Withholding Form)
  • Louisiana Employee Withholding Certificate L-4 (Louisiana Withholding Form)
  • Employee Direct Deposit Authorization (To start or change direct deposit of employee wages.)
  • AR4ECTX (For Employees Working/Living in Texarkana AR)
  • W5 EIC (Earned Income Credit Advance Payment Certificate)
  • Arkansas Employee First Notice of Injury (Completed by Employee as soon as possible after injury.)
  • Application for Employment (Generic Johnson Employer Support Services application)
  • Health Insurance Forms Check with you worksite employer or Johnson Employer Support Services to see if you are eligible for any of the coverage options before completing an application. Applications & Change forms should be submitted to Johnson Employer Support Services and not directly to the carrier. Claim forms should be sent directly to the carrier either directly or by the service provider.

  • BCBS Medical Application
  • USAble Group Life Application (Required with BCBS Group Coverage)
  • Delta Dental Application & Change Form
  • Delta Dental Claim Form
  • VSP Vision Application
  • If there is a form you need that isn't listed above,give us a call at 800-689-9172